$60.00 Juice Shot- 30mins

For all you Ladies and Gentlemen who never have enough time in the day. A customised super booster shot of Skin Juice. Starting with a refreshing cleanse and exfoliation to prepare the skin for an energising face mask and a burst of skin quenching moisture. Topped off with a scalp booster massage.

$80.00 Indian Head massage-30mins

Experience like no other. A double cleanse is performed from your décolletage, shoulders, neck & face & gently removed with an essential oil infused hot towel, followed by an exfoliation, mask & application of warm, drizzly coconut juice splash hair treatment, massaged into the scalp to lock in moisture to those dry ends & soften those locks. This treatment is left in the hair for your benefit.


$105.00 Juicy Deep Cleanse- 45mins

Designed to banish those breakouts! A customised Skin Juice nightmare for those little baddies that make us cringe! Double cleanse including your decolletage, exfoliation with steam and extractions, application of mask and scalp booster massage topped off with your moisturiser. 

$105.00 Botanical Juicy Deluxe Facial- 60mins

You will be floating at Lush.
During this facial you will be treated to; a detoxifying and smoothing juice cleanse program. Experiencing a refreshing decolletage cleanse and face cleanse, exfoliation, steam, massage including your décolletage and facial massage, 
mud mask, arm massage and moisturise, all without artificial sweeteners! 
- Add one of our Juicy Peels (AHA) to your botanical facial for $40 (save $35)
- Add extractions for $10

$150.00 Super Juice Revitalizer- 90mins

This Facial is designed for complete and utter relaxation and is made to order for your skins dietary requirements. Freshly picked Skin Juice products are selected to target your skin concerns. A healthy juice cleanse will prepare you for a juicy skin smoothing exfoliation. A fruit peel mask infusion will then be followed by a customised selection of Skin Juice’s freshly squeezed organic spreads. Be completely spoilt with an added foot massage, as well as your décolletage, back, face and arm massage while your mask is reviving your skin. It’s all on the menu during this completely guilt free indulgence.



$90.00 Plumberry Juice Peel- 30mins

Unveil fresh smooth skin with an infusion of goodness from nutritious berries and plums, hydrating and quenching the skins thirst. This super antioxidant rich treatment has the ability to help reduce sensitivity, by using pure enzymes, milk acids, and vitamin C to brighten and plump the skin. Topped off with a hand and arm massage. *Suited for pregnancy*

$75.00 Skin Juice Fruit Peel Level 1 15%- 30mins

$80.00 Skin Juice Fruit Peel Level 2 20%- 30mins

$85.00 Skin Juice Fruit Peel Level 3 25%- 30mins

Lighten up a little with this super skin refresher. Botanical cleanser refines the skin while milk and fruit acids deeply exfoliate to expose fresh and smooth skin.  This fruit peel provides instant results and will leave your skin softer and cleaner.. a detox treat for the skin! Topped off with a hand and arm massage. These peels include Vitamin C powder in it's purest form. (Best results from 6-10 treatments ranging from 15% lactic acid to 25% lactic acid peels.)

$99.00 Skin Juice Pumpkin Peel- 45mins

Feel brighter with this instant glow facial. A powerful anti-ageing facial for rough, dry skin with ageing concerns. Achieve that youthful, healthy glow with an exfoliating combination of skin smoothing plant acids & fruit enzymes. This potent peel helps keep the skin looking dewy and feeling soft with active hydrating ingredients that mimic the skins natural moisturising factors. This little beauty is topped off with a hand and arm massage while your skin is infused with a moisture mask that is applied over the eyes & mouth if desired. (Best results from 6-10 treatments partnered with our at home facial in a jar which is available for purchase in salon.)

$120.00 Microdermabrasion- 60mins

Boost productivity of your skincare regime at home. Smooth and soften your epidermal layer of skin and feel the difference instantly with our diamond head microdermabrasion machine. (Mini micro 30mins $75.00)


*Prepay for 5 advanced facial treatments and receive your 6th treatment for free.*


 $320.00 First session Skin Needling- 1.30mins

Skin Needling is recommended every 4-6 weeks apart for optimal results.

Minimum 3-4 treatments are recommended & more so for certain skin concerns.

First session is $320.00, this includes 1 take home product from Skin Juice and 15% off all homecare products.

Your first session will include a skin analysis, double cleanse & customised products throughout your treatment,  numbing cream, disposable skin needling cartridges, customized product recommendation and scalp massage.

Follow up treatment between the 4-6 week mark after initial session will be $220 for the remainder of your course.

+ Micro Needling produces a wound healing response on our skin, like what happens to us if we get a cut. Our body then produces more collagen & elastin to plump, heal and repair the skin giving a more youthful looking complexion. Micro needling is perfect for smoothing out fine lines, improving skin texture & scarring.+

$220.00 Skin Needling follow up treatment-1.30mins

$120.00 Dermaplaning Treatment- 30-45mins

Dermaplaning has been around for many years and recently has become the new go to facial to optimize product absorption, brightening, hydrating and evening out your skin complexion. Of course we cannot forget what Dermaplaning is truly designed for, to remove all of our unwanted vellus facial hair. If you haven’t tried it, then you will definitely want to pop this on your to do list. Add a Skin Juice Fruit Peel for $40 for even better results.

In our facials we only use the best, and this is Skin Juice.