We understand that some situations cannot be avoided and you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. When making an appointment with us it is imperative if you cannot make your appointment to give us as much notice as possible, being a minimum 24 hours notice prior to your appointment time. If you do not show to your appointment or you have failed to give us 24 hours notice the cancellation policy may apply and you may lose the full service amount.

We are fully booked most days and are always trying to fit in as many customers as we can, sometimes working overtime or staying back late to attend to our customers needs. As we know time is limited for our customers, our time is also limited. Please understand when you don't show or cancel last minute this affects everyone including our clients who may have wanted that spot and staff who now have no one for that time of your treatment.


For appointments that are over an hour we kindly ask for you to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time. This allows you to fill out our client consultation form, go to the bathroom or simply start to unwind and relax and have one of our herbal teas. 

Sometimes at Lush, we do run late with our customers because of this and we understand it then affects our customers for the remainder of the day. Please be patient with us and know we are trying our very best to make your experience a pleasurable one.



For all group bookings we require a non refundable security deposit for your booking. All large group bookings including mobile makeup we require a 2 week cancellation notice. This ensures that we have time to fill that spot and it also keeps our little business going. If you do not show to your appointment or you have failed to give us 2 weeks notice the cancellation policy will apply and you will automatically lose your security deposit and may lose the full service amount.